Certificate Of Urban Destination

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The Certificate of Urban Planning, also known as CDU, is a document issued by the Municipal Technical Offices competent for each area, which generally contains the urban planning indications concerning the properties, in particular relating to the land for which the certificate was requested.

The urban planning indications given in the certificate are extrapolated from the PUC Municipal Urban Planning Plan, or from the PRG General Town Plan, and more precisely from the regional technical maps.

The urban destination certificate reports the cadastral data relating to the land or urban areas pertaining to the buildings, or cadastral sheet and parcel, the urban destination, for example if it is located in a residential or agricultural area, the urban planning parameters such as the buildability index , the slope instability index and the flooding index. It therefore allows to know the building possibilities of intervention on certain land or urban areas.

In the forced sale of real estate in individual execution, the discipline of the acquisition and allegation of the UCC is derived from the combined provision and evolution of Articles 567 and 591 bis c.p.c., 173 bis and 173 quater disp. att. c.p.c .. Art. 30 Consolidated Building Act does not apply, except in the smallest part in which it is referred to by the procedural rules. This conclusion is reached on the basis of literal and systematic elements: the forced sale is not a “deed between living beings”, it is not “stipulated” and cannot include declarations by the alienator; the forced sale has an express discipline that has eliminated, among other things, the concept of validity and updating of the UCC; the regime of nullity of procedural acts, of their detectability, appeal and amnesty is different from that of contractual acts and, in the case of forced execution in particular, is the criterion for achieving the purpose, in light of the function and structure of the phase of sales, to guide the interpreter. From the reading of the provisions currently in force, it emerges the will of the legislator to establish a mechanism that is suitable for putting both the office and potential buyers in a position to know the situation and urban use of the land (as well as the buildings) to avoid to sell non-marketable goods, because they are the result of a previous illegal subdivision, or to put up for sale goods described with a destination and function other than the actual one in function of a competitive, transparent and stable sale in compliance with the entrustment of third parties and in interest of the procedure. The UCC to be attached to the decree can then only be the one already acquired in the procedure, containing the urban destination already indicated in the notice of sale and duly published together with the expert report (in cases where the same is considered mandatory for the land), acquisition and allegation that also meet the need to notify the Municipality of the alienation in progress. Everything complies with the identity rule of the description of the property between the order of sale and the transfer decree. This reconstruction does not prevent the delegate from deeming it appropriate or necessary, both during the sale and during the drafting of the decree, to acquire a new certificate to verify the relevance of the town-planning statute of the property (for example in the case of a UCC or doubts about the actuality of the destination indicated therein), but taking charge – in the event of a change in the urban planning tools and the destination of the asset – of the eventuality that this is different from that described in the appraisal and / or in the notice of sale and that the sale process can be considered flawed, if necessary, by contacting GE with application pursuant to art. 591 ter c.p.c.

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